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  • Panorama images are composed of eight high resolution images that are merged into a single 360 degree panorama image. This image shows the detail and precision in patterns and objects. Stitching can get very complicated with patterns and randomly shaped objects (like branches in a tree), but our algorithms can handle them with precision. 

    Google has been been investing in capturing 360 panoramas for street view. These panorama images are now used by Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Street View and are being extracted by other search engines to make a better representation of sites. VirtuaMAX will take the internal pictures, create a virtual tour and take other exterior pictures to connect your business to existing Google street view photos.

    The 360 pictures that we provide exceed the requirements set by Google both by resolution and stitching precision.


  • Our 3D images are captured by a set of cameras that have the same separation as eyes in humans. These images are latter stitched to form a set of two images of 360 degree for each eye.  They are also called stereoscopy imaging and they create the illusion of depth in an image. Stereoscopic images provide information that makes the brain calculate and see depth in the images.

    These images are used in special 3D monitors, or virtual reality headsets that display the images for a each eye simultaneously. 


  • VirtuaMax will schedule a visit to your site where we will take a set of pictures in 360 and/or 3D. We will process them and create a virtual tour that will be uploaded to Google servers.

    These are links to some of our work:

    We also provide copies of the images for your use in social media sites, websites or marketing material.

    "A 360 degree picture has more than 40x the views than of a regular image"

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VituaMAX specializes in high quality imaging and social media management.  We invest in the best talent and leading edge technology. Please let us handle the virtual presence for your company.

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